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Dental Crown Cost

Welcome to the Dental Crown Cost site! On this site, you can find articles about the dental crowns and related dental procedures, as well as dental crown cost information.

With the many different types of dental crowns available, it can be difficult to know what the dental crown cost will be. Learning a bit about each type of crown and how much it costs will help patients to decide which type they prefer while also preparing them for the dental bill. Currently, there are four main types of crowns available. They are either full metal, porcelain-fused-to-metal, full resin, or full ceramic. Following is some information on the dental crown cost for these main category of crowns to help patients with their decision.



Full Metal Dental Crown Cost

Metal crowns are usually made from jewelry grade gold. They require less tooth structure to be removed than other crowns and as a result, keep wear on the other teeth down to a minimum. Metal crowns also tend to last the longest before wearing down. Therefore, they would be considered the best crowns if it weren't for their obvious metallic color. Because of this, many people still get them on teeth that are not easy to see. The cost for this type of crown generally runs between $750 and $1400. The cost of dental crown would also depend on the percentage mix of precious metal (eg. gold or platinum) materials within the crown. The higher the percentage of precious metals used, the more the dental crown cost will be.

Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal Dental Crown Cost

The most price quotes for dental crown cost given is based on this type of tooth crowns. The great thing about this type of crown is that the color can be matched to the rest of the patient's teeth. Therefore, it's not as obvious as a metal crown. Unfortunately, the drawback is this type of crown will wear down the opposing teeth, where metal crowns won't. Additionally, sometimes the metal beneath the porcelain can show through and leave a dark line on the tooth. They can also chip or break much easier than metal, but people still love them because they look natural. The cost is usually between $700 and $1300. For this, the cost of dental crowns will also depend on the type of metal used in the crown, whether it is precious (high noble), semi precious or base metal.

Full Resin Dental Crown Cost

If you think dental crowns cost too much, you may want to speak to the dentist about getting a full resin dental crown, as they are usually the most inexpensive type. They can be more prone to chip or crack than the other types. They are also known to wear the opposing teeth down easier than the other types. However, many people prefer this type of crown because of the cost which usually runs between about $600 and $1200. With this in mind, people who opt not to carry dental insurance typically prefer this type of crown because it gets the job done without costing too much.

Full Porcelain Dental Crown Cost

If dental crown cost is not an issue, full porcelain crowns could be another alternative. This type of crown has been known to provide the very best color match with the surrounding teeth out of all the crown choices. It does tend to be a bit weaker than the porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns, though, and it has been known to cause more wear on the surrounding teeth than the metal and resin crowns do. However, they are the perfect crowns for people who have a sensitivity to metal. They are the most expensive, ranging from $800 to $1750.

In recent years, a new type of 1-hour dental crown procedure called Cerec crowns have been developed. These are full porcelain crowns that can be fitted within an hour, as all the work is done within the dental office. They do not require the crown to be sent out to a dental lab for fabrication. However, not all dentist offices recommend them based on their analysis. Some are unable to provide this service because they do not have a Cerec machine to get the job done. A Cerec dental crown cost in the same price range as a full porcelain dental crown.

Other Factors Affecting Cost Of Dental Crowns

When it comes to the cost of dental crowns for teeth, it is also dependent up on the cost of living in the city where you are getting the dental work done. Basically, if you purchase crowns in a more expensive city, they tend to be priced higher. Another factor to consider is the experience and expertise of the dentist. When it comes to important dental work like crowns, most of us want to be in the safe hands of a professional dentist who has good skills and etiquette, and balancing that with a reasonable dental crown cost to shell out.

Anyone going in for a dental crown procedure should be aware of what the procedure entails. In the case of dental crowns, an understanding of the different types of crowns will lead to a better understanding of how much to expect to be charged. However, every dental office will vary on pricing, so shopping around is a good idea. Just remember not to be too caught up in the dental crown cost; be sure to find a reputable dentist who will do a good job.